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“SIPSAL PUBUDUWA” developing schools

Despite the country’s well-established free education system, the standards and resources in Sri Lankan schools comparatively have so many disparities amongst them. Acknowledging the fact that our university admission system sets lower cut off marks to the districts said to be very ill-resourced or in other words considered to be distressed and disadvantaged. Our observation based on the field visits strongly suggest that many schools are still affected by this situation in relation to the educational facilities available. Authorities have not given adequate attention to either identifying the real reasons for disparities among the schools or how to mitigate them.

The regrettable fact is that one may find an extremely ill-resourced schools right next to a so called mighty and wealthy school, irrespective of the district. In any district in Sri Lanka one can find one or more schools in need of even the most basic facilities. On one hand such schools lack the basic educational and utility materials and on the other hand the students and their parents do not have the sufficient financial means to sustain themselves in the educational process.

Based on our observations and the requests made by the schools, Manusath Derana liaised with the Zonal education offices to gather information on such schools and verified them through our internal network. As a result, concurrent to TV Derana’s 12th anniversary, Manusath Derana launched “Sipsal Pubuduwa” programme to support these extremely needy schools.

Every step is a struggle for some of these communities and we have witnessed the hardships students, parents and teachers regularly undergo. In addition to their struggle to teach and learn mere survival is a hard to win challenge. There doesn’t seem to be a silver lining to the cloud hanging over them.

Education is the only path for most of these children to get out of intergenerational poverty. If we support to provide basic facilities for their education, the results will reflect in our countries growth.

At the initial stage of “SIPSAL PUBUDUWA” we were able to provide benefits to twelve small rural schools which are extremely deserving and highly disadvantaged due to lack of necessary resources. Since their needs were numerous and immense we were able to accomplished only a fraction of them. Though we were unable to address all the needs of these schools to their entire satisfaction Manusath Derana Sipsal Pubuduwa has to move on and provide assistance to the rest of the schools which needs similar help. Therefore the second phase of the Sipsal Pubuduwa programme began on the 28th of February 2018 from the Batawala Primary school in Padukka.

Manusath Derana has so far supported more than twenty schools in need of assistance and the programme continues to gather attract more and more support from our viewers and likeminded institutions sympathetic towards humanity.

Education is the only hope for children whose families are burdened with poverty throughout generations to secure their future. Often we hear of schools closing down due to lack of material and human resources. Mr. C.W.W Kannangara’s noble vision of free education for all becomes mockery in the face of vast disparities within our school system. All children are entitled to equal opportunities of education. Some children who are deprived of the opportunity due to shortcomings in our school system may be highly talented. They may be even more talented than their brothers and sisters in more affluent schools and it is sad that they are deprived of the essential facilities to develop their talents to the fullest which will eventually reflect in our country’s growth towards achieving our socio-economic goals.

Any individual or institution wishing join hands with us can get more information about Sipsal Pubuduwa by contacting us on the telephone or emailing us.

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