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“LASSANA DERANA ” at Knuckles Bio-diversity hotspot


Manusath Derana Nature Force, Ministry of Mahaweli Development and Environment, Laggala Divisional Secretariat, Forest Department, Matale District Forrest office, Villagers of Laggala and Pitawala and Kelaniya University ​​cleaned Pitawala Pathana, Sera Ella, and Thelgamu Oya in Knuckles bio-diversity hotspot area. In parallel, a native tree planting program also was conducted at identified sites.

Pitawala Patana, Sera Ella, and Thelgamu Oya are some of the most environmentally sensitive important places in the world belonging to the Knuckles Conservation Forest (Dumbara). Though it is good to observe the vast number of people visiting to enjoy the beauty but the same is raising the concerns of environmentalists due to the pollution and other damages caused by the people. Excessive environmental pollutions are emerging as thousands of people dumping polythene, plastic and glass bottles, cups and various other decaying and non-decaying garbage.

Places like Pitawala pathana is also habitat for several species only exist in this area threatened by extinction. Therefore, even one of our careless foot step can unwittingly destroy the ecological system.

We are to constantly think about how we should pay back and protect these places which gives us opportunities to experience the unforgettable bath in Telgamu oya or Eera Ella, breathtaking sceneries of little worlds end, amazing weather conditions. Most of all being a world heritage and a popular tourist destination it is important to protect and promote these area as a destination for leisure as well the education of the environment and science.