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Disaster Interventions

Manusath Derana / Disaster Interventions

Disaster Interventions

The geographical location of Sri Lanka occupies a vital place in the global map, but unfortunately this very fact has exposed this paradise island to extremely hazardous weather conditions occurring in the Indian Ocean. Our island nation, Situated in the Bay of Bengal experiences a two seasonal winds prevailing, annually the monsoons.

Monsoonal rain causes severe flooding due to low pressure situations. This is made worse by no planned rain water storage facilities and lack of a functional drainage system. If rain water is stored carefully it would be easier to cope with drought situations caused by the delay of the monsoonal rains. Great Singhala kings of the past, like the great King Parakramabahu, very wisely said “Even a single drop of water falling from the sky, should not let flow in to the ocean without being made useful to man”. This is the reason why Sri Lanka (Then Ceylon) was once known as the “Granary of the east”. Both floods and the droughts mostly effect our famers. This in turn delivers a great blow to our economy. These adverse weather conditions are associated with landslides lightning strikes and flooding.

Without adequate infrastructure facilities to face these natural disasters, hundreds of thousands of people are at the risk of being affected by floods, droughts, landslides, coastal erosion and lightning strikes. Wide spared epidemics and environmental pollution eventually follow these disasters. A considerable number of people lose their lives or are reported missing and are never found. The survivors are left with nothing. They lose their livelihoods and above all their dear ones.

Our main focus in disaster response is on reporting the situations in order to save lives and meet the basic requirements of the people affected until a sustainable solution is put in to operation. We immediately assist to save and maintain life, minimize health hazards and support the morale of the victims.

Manusath Derana mobilizes the necessary human strengths and relief goods and share urgent and important information with all concerned, through our broad casting and social media platforms. Manusath Derna relief networks extremely effective and ensures immediate and timely assistance to the people at risk and are suffering. We promptly activate the collection and distribution of relief goods and provide immediate and timely assistance to relive the sufferings of the affected.


Falling in line with our slogan “Humanity before all” Manusath Derana effectively managed to provide the basic requirements to the victims who most needed them. We witnessed and appreciated the worthiness and sincerity of your thoughtfulness in each and every donation you made during the recent natural disasters.

Following are some of the valuable contributions made by kind and caring people like you.

  • Cooked meals/ Dry rations
  • Drinking water and water storage tanks
  • Medical camps and medicines
  • Cleaning of schools and Educational materials
  • Educational materials
  • Media support

Bad things do happen in the world, like war, natural disasters, disease. But out of those situations always arise stories of ordinary people doing extraordinary things. – Daryn Kagan


In disaster situations the victims need assistance and support from the moment the disaster struck. As the needs always vary according to the particular situation, manusath derana will publicly appeal for the participation of the public in such situations. We always believe in your kindness and please join hands with us to support the affected people which you could do in so many ways.



January 11, 2021