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Health Camps

According to findings of the World Health Organization (WHO), more than half of the world population do not have access to proper health services. We in Sri Lanka, considered to be a developing country, can be somewhat happy as our health services are ranked comparatively high in the region and the majority of people have access to health care facilities. However, there are thousands of people who are deprived of proper medical services due to various reasons. One pressing problem is staggeringly low doctor patient ratio, specially in areas located far away from the main cities. For example this ratio is 2.5: 1000 in the Colombo district but as low as 0.37:1000 in the Nuwara Eliya District. As a result, the time a doctor spends on a patient becomes a serious issue. Limited time on a patient would invariably prevent the doctor from doing a thorough examination and making an accurate diagnosis. The doctor also may not have sufficient time to refer the patient for further investigations which will eventually lead to appropriate health care.

People are vulnerable to various types of sicknesses, some not so serious but others that can be terminal/ life threatening. Some of these could have been prevented or arrested before they become serious, if proper and prompt medical attention was given. This situation is made worse in the absence of an adequate social protection system in health care. Manusath Derana decided to step in to reach and help these communities in dire need since the initiation of our assistance scheme, manusath derana has conducted 42 medical camps mostly in rural agricultural areas. Our health camps mainly consist of Kidney, Eye, Cancer, Dental and general clinics. Doctors, Paramedics, Hospital, Medical health officers, Government and private institutions, civil societies, security forces, police, civil defense department, schools and religious institutes join hands with us, giving their fullest and dedicated cooperation to make our health camps successful in reaching our goals.



Since our prime objective is to combat deadly nature of the chronic kidney disease we focus mainly on early identification, intervention and prevention of the disease. To minimize and ease the gravity of deadly conditions patients have to suffer, early detection through timely testing of body samples and then treating patients with early symptoms to prevent the advancement of the disease is extremely important. Therefore manusath derana attempts to reach as much as people as possible, who have difficulties in accessing medical services. Our health camps are mostly conducted in areas highly prone to kidney diseases.


Our achievements

  • Nearly 40000 people examined in 42 medical camps
  • Nearly 3800 kidney patients identified.

Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD) is a grave health hazard swiftly spreading across the country creating huge social predicaments.


Members of the families of kidney patients could face severe social and economic problems.

  • Have to bare extremely high and unaffordable medical expenses
  • Risk of falling in to severe debt and loss of properties.
  • Children face the risk of dropping out of school
  • Risk of falling in to intergenerational poverty
  • Social Isolation
  • Women and children become exposed and vulnerable to other social hazards

Manusath Derana believes that with awareness, safe drinking water, simple changes in life style and the good practices of the way we deal with our environment would be advantageous in curbing the issue.



January 11, 2021