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Sipsal Pubuduwa

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Sipsal Pubuduwa

Education is the process that enhances human evolution. Higher the level of education in a society, the higher it’s standard of literature, culture, economy, infrastructure and of many other aspects. Any ill-resourced pockets in an education system of a country or region mean very slow growth. Thus, an efficient education system is the key to development.

In Sri Lanka, we have a well-structured mechanism in the education sector. However, there are still hundreds of schools deprived of resources all around the country. Students, teachers and parents attached to these schools face many problems. Since the uplifting of lives of poor and needy sections of society could happen only through education, prompt attention should be given to rectify these problems faced by these schools.

Manusath Derana has identified so many small schools lacking resources and infrastructure facilities. The situation of such schools is not at all conducive to studies. So many hardships lead to school dropouts and teachers to seek transfers. In an attempt to provide schools with better resources, Manusath Derana launched the “Sipsal Pubuduwa” programme, concurrent to the 12th anniversary of TV Derana. Realizing the gravity of the need, Manusath Derana is fully committed to continue and expand the programme.

Sipsal Pubuduwa brings smile to Battalangunduwa Holy Cross School

Battalangunduwa is an island located more than 38 kilometers from the kalpitiya coast. This is probably one of the most beautiful places on earth. But the lives of the inhabitant children are not so. They are extremely ill-resourced and are in isolation hindering their growth.

The only school at the island, built by the church were abandoned until 2016 when the Sri Lanka Navy employed a teacher and restarted it. Although the children much benefited by this humanitarian act, the school remained extremely ill resourced and received no other support.

As a part of our Sipsal Pubuduwa programme, Manusath Derana visited the Battangunbduwa holy cross school in November, 2017. Though the Manusath Derana team have eye witnessed so many ill-resourced schools they found this to be the worst affected.  The situation here really touched their hearts and made them feel very sad

The students in this school do not even have textbooks and they are not entitled to sit any public exams like the grade 5 scholarship examination or the GCE Ordinary or Advanced Level examinations as school candidates. They never heard of All Island School Athletic Meets or sports like Cricket and football. They have never even participated in Elle tournaments. Though they are surrounded by the sea and located only 38 kilometers away from the mainland and being the only school in the island the holy cross school has not been recognized by the authorities. In short, these unfortunate children have simply nothing. What the Uniquely designed “Sipsal Pubuduwa” programme did for these children brought smiles to their faces. Schools bags, stationaries, shoes, new paint on the schools walls and other necessities provided to meet the schools requirements would have surly ease their sorrows for the moment. But further solutions have to be provided. Our contribution at the time was minimal compared to their needs but it was so satisfying to see the hope and courage on the faces of the students and the one and only teacher and their determination to cling to their mission.

Sipsal pubuduwa programme will attempt to resolve general, problems hindering the education processes of such deprived schools.

  • Providing access to all children, to basic education with good learning standards would boost the countries annual growth significantly.
  • Education impacts positively on reducing the crime rate
  • Each school has specific needs and therefore Sipsal Pubuduwa is always tailor-made to cater to the particular requirements of each school.
  • Apart from providing computers, White boards, Library books, Book shelves, School stationary, Shoes, Bags, etc., Sipsal pubuduwa also assists schools to repair roofs, cracks on the walls or floors, construct small buildings, wiring, build toilets and supply safe water etc., and so on.


Our simple contributions could make huge deference in the children who are deprived of resources.



January 11, 2021