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600 People examined for kidney disease at 41st medical camp

Manusath Derana Medical camp was held at Weerapura Junior school of Karuwalagaswewa on the date of 30th March 2019. More than 600 people were examined for early identification of chronic Kidney disease and nearly 400 people benefited from the dental clinic. Sri Lanka Eye donation society examined the eyes and the people who required spectacles were given free of charge.

In parallel to the medical camp several partners contributed for Manusath Derana Sustainable Development actions. Hetro Bio Pharma Limited & Divasa institute contributed with nutritional packages for 50 pregnant mothers & Associated Motor ways private limited contributed with a generator for the benefit of Weerapura villagers. Custody and the maintenance of the generator was handed over to a civil society organization. Oktan Private Limited continued to support Manusath Derana with solar electricity equipment which was donated to the people who live without electricity, promoting the green energy concept.

143rd Brigade of the Sri Lanka Army contributed with the organizing and CDEM laboratories provided the laboratory services.