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Apeksha hospital gets a pet scanner

A PET scan offers the hope of life for the cancer patients. Without a PET scan, observing the staging of the cancers in order to assess the current condition of the patient is extremely difficult. Thus there is a probability of patients receiving wrong or under/ over treatments which might even cause death instead of cure.

It is the doctors’ view that the cancers have to receive accurate treatment and if anything goes wrong, there will not be a second chance. In Sri Lanka, only one private hospital has this essential PET scanner, necessary to diagnose cancer. Patients need to undergo several PET scans during the treatment process and each scan costs as high as rupees one hundred and fifty thousand. This is an unthinkable high expense which most of the general public can ill afford even to get one scan done. There was a time, before the said private hospital obtained a PET scanner, when patients went to India, to get this scan done and only the affluent could afford it.

Usually, a PET scanner required to diagnose cancer costs nearly LKR. 200 million and no government hospitals had allocated funds to purchase a machine at the time. The Apeksha (Hope) Hospital earlier referred to as Maharagama Cancer institute was struggling to treat their patients accurately and was desperately in need of a PET scanner. Therefore the hospital was seeking public assistance for quite some time, to acquire the required funds to purchase a PET scanner.

At this stage Manusath Derana with a deep feeling for the sufferings of people came forward to support this extremely worthy cause and appealed to the people through TV Derana placing humanity before all, Manusath Derana viewers responded overwhelmingly by making contributions far exceeding the required amount of LKR 200 million. Funds came in within a very short span of time. In Sri Lanka, once a paradise, though now degenerating in many ways we are still proud of people who genuinely feel for the sufferings of their fellow beings, all hope is not lost.

People of Sri Lanka once again proved their unreserved kindness by overwhelmingly contributing within a few weeks to purchase a PET scanner for Apeksha Hospital.  Manusath Derana is extending our heartfelt gratitude to all our viewers who supporting this life saving mission.

Only a cancer patients’ family knows the desperation they feel when they are helpless and unable to get the best facilities and treatment to cure their loved one.  Now it must be a great relief to them. To be able to get the exorbitantly expensive services of a PET scanner, absolutely free of charge. We together with such families salute and express our heartfelt gratitude to all our viewers who contributed to the maximum of their ability, to achieve this life saving mission.