Manusath Derana is a charity associated with Derana media organization.

Nature Force

Manusath Derana / Nature Force

Nature Force

Trees refresh the air by producing oxygen and maintain the balance of the ecosystem. Apart from producing all important oxygen and food to sustain all forms of life on earth, trees also conserve energy and reduce air pollution in various ways. Trees provide shelter for life forms and reduce water evaporation from the soil and cool down the earth by screening it from the sun.

Simply, trees are the providers and the lifesavers of the earth.

Air pollution is an increasing public health hazard in most countries. It is an obligatory duty of all members of the human family to intervene in preserving the quality of air for life survival on earth.

Today we witness the fast increasing demand for energy polluting the earth on one hand while felling down of trees to fulfill endless human requirements gradually converting beautiful mother earth to a dreadful desert like hell.

The subconscious act of breathing keeps us alive. Though subconsciously done, all human beings should be consciously aware of the value of a breath in order to realize the importance of preserving nature and the gravity of the situation future generations may have to face if we do not.

Imagine how many minutes one would survive without fresh air?

Falling In line with the United Nations 2030 agenda & Sri Lanka’s vision to be an Eco-friendly nation, Manusath Derana initiated the “Nature Force” Environment protection & preservation programme.

Manusath Derana promotes a nature loving culture with special focus on school children.

One Million Trees

Manusath Derana One Million Tree programme is a nationwide initiative to inspire Sri Lankans to plant one million new trees across the island.

  • More than two hundred thousand trees planted so far
  • Each tree planted is been taken care of and some are even named after the children who takes responsibility to care

Sri Lanka’s ancient kings and people respected the flora & fauna of our country. They built massive tanks and parks to preserve the environment for future generations, with no machinery but their strong will and hard labour. Today, though equipped with much advanced technology and machinery, are we doing our duty for nature?

As the little child becomes an adult his little plant turns a tree..

Hoping to nurture a nature-friendly future generation, Manusath Derana gave a plant each to all the students admitted to grade one of Illukovita secondary school. Students are expected to care for the plants in their home gardens and observe how the plants grow as they grow. The tree will always remind them of their first day in school with a strong and positive feeling for nature.

  • Schools are a major property owners. The vast area many schools have is under-utilised and Manusath Derana One Million Trees programme encourages schools to use the space productively.
  • Provides a great learning experience for children. They are very often confined to a class room which bars the opportunity to experience the environment. This way the children benefit from a practical learning opportunity where they can explore and experience the environment.
  • Every child cares at least one tree. Manusath Derana encourages every school child to do this. By doing so, students acquire the most needed qualities of taking and sharing responsibility, team work, observing and caring for the environment etc.
  • Children help to uplift the quality of their living environment.  Future generations of Sri Lanka would have even a greater desire to keep their environment beautiful and in healthy. They would stand against for any wrong doings which would harm the environment.



January 11, 2021